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Digital Leaders’ Fun Section


Our team of Digital Leaders is made up of boys and girls from Year 3 to Year 6…and they are quite the technological wizards…of…awesome-ness! They will be trusted with some of the up-keep with regard to this website as a whole, but also wanted to regularly update a page for all pupils to engage with, learn from and have a giggle! Thus, below you will find everything from educational games created by our incredible team using coding techniques, to word searches, competitions (with prizes), jokes, facts and plenty of ‘funnies’ and banter. So keep popping back to this space and we shall keep you learning and thoroughly entertained!

Click on the Scratch logo below to enjoy our Digital Leader’s technological skills and the ‘Scratch’ projects they have created…many of which are educational, while maintaining a little bit of fun!



Click the ‘BANTER’ banner for the latest Digi Leader funnies, jokes, pics to make you ‘LOL’, and general banter…

banterActivities-bannerActivities to keep you entertained!