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Play – A poem by Alex and Andy Addis-Fuller

This week in Year 4/5/6 we are exploring poetry and having a go at writing our own poems.

We have been shown a wonderful poem by Alex Addis-Fuller (Year 5) and his dad Andrew Addis-Fuller, who are both enjoying this weeks tasks.


It’s fair to say I love to play as I walked outside my door today,

I noticed that the world had gone away.

So I climbed up to the highest peak

to see if the world was playing hide and seek,

I spoke to the world (he looked so sad) he told me that lots of people were bad.

So I asked him if he would like to play

He said perhaps I will but not today,

But for now he said go home and play

Stay safe and well for another day.

So home I went just a little sad,

to make sure that I wouldn’t be bad,

Let’s hope and pray the virus goes away,

So all the world can come out and play….


Alexander and Andrew Addis-Fuller

May 2020

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