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Mental Health Awareness week May 18 – 24

We all know how important it is to look after our mental health and well being.

This is even more important at the current time, as we are in the middle of something that nobody ever thought would happen. We are all trying to manage and cope, during these times, in different ways – and it is safe to say that everybody’s strategies for coping are different depending on your personal circumstances.

This Monday, May 18th, marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness week and at Coedffranc, we wanted you to know that we continue to be here to support you – our pupils and families.

Here are some links to some websites that have ideas and suggestions for maintain positive well being:

Mental Health Awareness week 2020

Action for Happiness – 10 days of happiness programme

Mind – Looking after your well being (support for young people)

Mind – How to improve your mental well being

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